Welcome to our new frame drum online store!
Welcome to our new frame drum online store!
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SOLD - One-Off 18" frame drum with Jingles
SOLD - One-Off 18" frame drum with Jingles

SOLD - One-Off 18" frame drum with Jingles

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Ongoing conversations with our artist endorsers lead to prototypes that are used to develop the drums that are ultimately featured as part of our Artists Innovation Series line.

This 18" frame drum has both thumbholes and an arch grip, and is embellished with 4 pairs of jingles (one stacked set for riq style) and two single-slot sets spaced around the diameter placed handily for use when the drum is played in the lap-style position.

The hefty (3/8" thick) stained Maple shell (1372 grams, including the weight of the 4 pairr of hand hammered riq jingles), assures stabilty for lap-style playing and increases the resonant fundamental-forward timbre of the drum. A REMO Ebony head emphasises the mid bass range of this drum.

  • 18" diameter x 4 1/2" depth,
  • Shell: Hard Maple
  • Finish: stained dark with musical instrument grade lacquer 
  • Drum Head: REMO Ebony
  • Grip: Gentle arch and two thumbholes
  • Acid purple cording
  • three pairs of hand-hammered brass riq jingles + one pair of hand hammered bronze riq jingles


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Cooperman Hand Drums start in the Vermont woods where we select native hardwood trees to mill, using methods passed down through generations of sawyers and drum builders to create our single-ply steam-bent wood shells. We mill a variety of wood species - primarily cherry, ash, and maple.  We specify the wood for each model drum based on a variety of considerations, including sound characteristics of the shell, weight, and appearance.  

Similarly, Cooperman offers drums with a variety of drumhead materials. We recommend synthetic heads - natural skin drumheads have a traditional and unique sound, but they are a great vexation to drummers since swings in temperature and humidity greatly effect tuning and playability. In many cases (as with the AIS series) we specify a particular drumhead (ie. REMO Renaissance or REMO Weatherking Clear). We use, exclusively, REMO synthetic products, choosing from their extensive catalog of options to suit the sound characteristics of the various drum models. We can mount a skin head at your request.

The drumhead is secured into an exterior groove, which is then covered with a colored cord. The default color is black, though in some cases we coordinate the color with other design features or decorative inlays.  

All Cooperman drums are tunable. The tuning mechanism (US PATENT # 5,517,890) was developed and patented to address the evolving requirements of frame drummers. We believe it is the best system possible for keeping the drum in a desirable range while retaining the sound and visual aesthetic of a traditional frame drum. All drums are sold with a tuning wrench included.

Our standard finish is a clear, musical instrument grade lacquer.  This finish protects and brings out the extraordinary grain of our native Vermont hardwoods.  For some models, our drums are specified with decorative and colorful stains, inlays, or overlays.   In most cases, you may choose to personalize your drum with a custom finish.  

Many of the design specifications can be customized - wood choice. head material, diameter, depth, etc.. Contact us by email or phone to discuss your ideas.

We hope you will have a lifetime of satisfaction with your drum and spread the word about the instruments we make.