Welcome to our new frame drum online store!
Welcome to our new frame drum online store!
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Endorsing Artists



Cooperman drums are created in a collaborative relationship between Cooperman, as a designer and manufacturer of instruments, and the artists who play  the instrument.

Our Artist Innovation Series ( AIS ) includes:

Asheville Rhythm / River Guerguerian tar drums: collections/asheville-rhythm

Jamey Haddad Hadjira fusion tambourine:  hadjira

 Krista Holland 14” Bee Drum: krista-holland-ais-series-comfort-grip-tar-drum

Inanna Sisters In Rhythm tambourine: inanna-tambourine

Ganesh Kumar Kanjira: kanjira

Marla Leigh Tars, 12” Purple Haze, 14” Green Goddess, and 16” MarlaTar: marla-leigh-series-tars

Todd Roach Hybrid Tambourine: todd-roach-hybrid-tambourine

Yousif Sheronick Riq:  yousif-model-riq 

Glen Velez Tars and Bendirs, 20” Bodhran/ Bass Tar, and Handance series 10”-18” :