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With Rings and Bells

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I often describe the differences between the various models of our tar drums - say, the difference between a Cooperman Classic 18" Tar and a David Kuckhermann 18" Tar - as “nuanced.”
My dad might have added “well, that’s why Howard Johnson’s makes 28 flavors…”
But, in thinking about the various drums embellished with rings, I’d have to say that the differences are substantive.It’s reductive to say that they’re all hoops with jingling rings.
We make drums inspired Dayerehs, Ghavals, and Dafs ( and I’m always thinking about Doyras). The drums' design specifications are intentional, matched, to the desired sound and playing style/position.  The thickness of the shell is critical to the sound, as is the weight of the ring and the way the ring(s) are mounted to swing against each other, the shell, and the drum head.
The Rowan Storm Dayereh employs single, lightweight jump rings that swing from an eye hook - creating a subtle, dry embellishment.
The Cooperman Classic Ghaval, by comparison, has a dense heavy shell and is embellished with thick, soldered brass rings that swing further away from the shell on a cup hook; we’ve also added small pellet bells. Hence, a bright, loudly articulate embellishment on a drum with strong fundamentals.
The Glen Velez Handance Ghaval offer players a lightweight version of the Classic Ghaval - I’m thinking mint chocolate chip versus chocolate chip.Of course, the thinner shell reduces weight and makes the overtones more complex
The Daf - offered in both 21” and 16” diameter - is a noteably larger diameter frame , fitted with chains of light jump rings mounted on crown staples.  This style mounting facilitates the signature Sufi playing style with the chains swinging freely to both scrape across the drum head and strike the shell with an emphatic "drop."
We highly recommend you watch the entire piece with Rhiannon Giddens and Francesco Turrisi, but here's a clip:

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