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Welcome to our new frame drum online store!
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FAQ: Can I mount a frame drum on the wall?

Frame drum

The weight of a drum shell can, over time and especially when suspended from a single point (like a nail or peg in a wall),  cause the shell to distort.

So, ideally, a frame drum should not be suspended, nor hung on the wall. 


That said, we recognize that it is both convenient and attractive to do so – and, sure, we do it from time to time. 


With the above caveats in mind, here are some suggestions to mitigate the potential problems:

  • Use a larger peg rather than a small finish nail to better distribute the weight on the contact point.
  • Even better, use two, rather a single peg, to spread out the weight on the contact point(s).
  • From time to time rotate the drum so that, over time, the effects of gravity are distributed evenly.


Cooperman offers a handy and inexpensive “Roll Stop” than can be placed on the floor to hold the drums.

Check these out in our webstore:


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  • Patrick on

    Hanging a drum in a bag or a sling – some people nestle the drum in a decorative scarf that is then hung on the wall – will provide good support. I think you should feel comfortable with that method. I’ve seen some people embroider or otherwise decorate their drum bags. That might make a great visual.

  • Lori on

    All my frame drums from you are kept in the bags you sell from Meinl. I have them hanging from a wall hook in the bag. Will this also cause the shell to distort? Thank you!

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