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Welcome to our new frame drum online store!
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Introducing Our "Sister" Blog at Cooperman Drum Shop

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The Cooperman drum business’s origin story largely has it roots in Pat Cooperman Sr.’s involvement in traditional Fife and Drum Corps.
Pat’s personal interest in historical things pretty much informs all of the business’s operations - from product development to the traditional skillsets that are required to build drums. 
And so, yeah...we're are still, proudly, history wonks; we happily go down the history rabbit-hole as we start working on a drum. The backstory of the designs and the people who have built and played drums is a powerfully motivating fascination for us here at the Cooperman Company.
And, there are always intriguing synergies discovered when we begin talking about and researching the historical provenance or heritage of a drum, be it a field drums or a period frame drum tambourine.
For example, we often find ourselves circling back to references to Jannisary drummers, to shared mechanical solutions to tuning systems for drums, or to shared decorative themes or cultural references.
Check out our new  "sister" blog
Patsy has started posting about some of the interesting things we’re exploring in the history of the drums we’ve made, repaired, and conserved over the years, as well as more in-depth info on the drums we have for sale.
The first post is about the Historical Inspirations For Our Inlaid Star Drum. 
And wouldn’t you know…we immediately started talking about the Star of Ishtar and the connection to Inanna goddess herstory,

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