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Something from the archives

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In the early 1990's we worked closely with Randy Crafton to develop our line of frame drums. Randy was a close friend of Layne Redmond, and soon enough the Layne Redmond Ancient Image Series was created. A "Windwand" was also made here at the Cooperman shop. We travelled over to the Widow Jane Mine (1996 I  think) to hear Layne and The Mob Angels perform with the Windwands.  There was a table and we sold the drums and windwands.


The drums were a single thin ply of Ash with the image screen printed on a goatskin drum head.  There were about 70 of these made, though we seldom see them around.  You can see the three protypes on the lower shelf /tabletop in the picture below:

We had the protypes from our in-house collection at the PASIC show in 2021 , when Layne was inducted to the Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame. 

Her students keep her legacy buzzing!  Here, two players from the Asheville Rhythm group tried out the original protypes:


 Note that the screen printed image on the original Catal Huyuk was printed upside-down!...Barbara can make it sound beautiful in any case.


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  • Barbara Gail on

    I love my Windwand! Bought it from Randy Crafton in the late 90s.

    And I remember seeing those frame drums with Layne’s ancient images, while at your booth at PASIC 2021! But then was having so much fun meeting you, Patrick, and was so in love with the red tambourine, my eyes saw nothing else lol

    Thanks for the back story! 😊🙏🏽✨💖

  • Diane on

    Thanks for posting this! Maybe, hopefully, someday, you’ll make the wind wands again?

  • Tahya on

    💛 🔆 💛 🔆 💛
    ✨sššt sššt sššt✨
    𓏣 𓏣 𓏣 𓏣 𓏣 𓏣 𓏣 𓏣 𓏣 𓏣

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