Welcome to our new frame drum online store!
Welcome to our new frame drum online store!
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Exploring Frame Drums and Tambourines

Where do I begin an exploration of frame drums and tambourines?

Cooperman has been building frame drums since the early 1990s.  Cooperman Classics Tars (simple frame drums) are the "standard" against which we have based the various, nuanced Artist Innovation Series versions. 

We recommend our Cooperman Classic Series as are an "all-around" good choice.  At 4" deep, these drums are suitable for upright, lap-style, or free-hand style playing positions. Note: "tar" drums the basic frame drum, whereas "bendirs" are accessorized with snare strings that give the drum it a characteristic "buzzing" sound.

We offer shallower depth drums for drummers whose interest is primarily playing in the upright position - consider a Glen Velez Handance model or a Krista Holland Model (our lightest weight drum).

Wider, heavier shells for lap-style and free-hand style playing position - consider a Glen Velez 20" drum or a David Kuckerhermann model.

Our AIS (Artist Innovation Series) drums manifest the unique performance and teaching styles of world-class, outstanding percussionists - consider our Marla Leigh Series drums.

Our Riqs, inspired by classic Egyptian examples,  represent our original, 'standard" accessorized, or "jingled drums" (tambourines).  Cooperman began a exploration of "hybrid tambourines" with the Hadjira in the very 1990's.  Examples of jingled-drums includes drums with jingles (riq, pandeiro), or rings (dayerehs, dafs).