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Welcome to our new frame drum online store!
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Cooperman Endorser Artists / Educators -The Academies and The AIS Drums

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Many of our endorsing artists have developed online education programs ( beginner "101"  to advance intensives), in private lesson format as well as group workshops, or interactive frame drum academies with self-paced learning modules.  More than ever before, it's easy to work with some of the world's most respected drummers, to expand your repertoire while participating as a member of a worldwide community of frame drummers.

Get the very most out of these opportunities by pairing a Cooperman AIS drum with your enrollment in one of the online schools.

Cooperman Artist Innovation Series (AIS) drums are specifically designed and endorsed by an artist as part of a collaborative relationship between Cooperman/, as a designer and manufacturer of instruments, and the artist who _____________________________________________________________

River Guerguerian - Asheville Rhythm:


Cooperman Asheville Rhythm Series Drums:



Marla Leigh
: https://framedrumacademy.marlaleigh.com/

Marla Leigh with Cooperman Marla Tar drum

    Cooperman AIS Marla Leigh Series drums:


    Coopermnan AISD Marla Leigh Series drums________________________________________________________

    Krista Holland: https://theshiftnetwork.com/course/01KHolland01_21

        Cooperman AIS Krista Holland 14" drum with bee logo:https://www.coopermanframedrums.com/products/krista-holland-ais-series-comfort-grip-tar-drum



        Yousif Sheronick:   https://www.framedrumschool.org/



        Cooperman AIS Yousif Sheronick Riq:  https://www.cooperman.com/coopermanhanddrums/hand-drums-riq/



        Glen Velez:   https://www.framedrumschool.org/pages/intensives


        Glen Velez

        Cooperman AIS Glen Velez Series drums: https://www.coopermanframedrums.com/collections/glen-velez-series-tars-and-bendirs

        Cooperman AIS Glen Velez Drums Series


        April Rose:     https://aprilrose.dance/

        Cooperman AIS April Rose Cohesion Dance Drum :https://www.coopermanframedrums.com/collections/april-rose-dance-cohesion



        Ganesh Kumar:



        Cooperman AIS Kumar Kanjira:


        Cooperman AIS Kumar Janjira

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        • Patrick on

          Thanks Marla….Marla’s Frame Drum Academy is a pioneer of the online school movement. The Academy’s students have been an ongoing addition to the broader worldwide frame drumming community. There’s so much enthusiasm with this group. Marla has lived up to our ideal of an Artist/Educator/Innovator.

        • Marla on

          We love Cooperman drums! Thank you for sharing information about my Frame Drum Academy. Our students (and myself) are so grateful for your support and beautiful drums!

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